beWater™ Pure Still & Sparkling are now distributed together in Vietnam by Unlimited Beverage. Enjoy lower rates and free shipping to most areas. Contact us to find out more!


beWater™ Is Eco-Friendly, Socially Sustainable, & Convenient To Enjoy

beWater is produced in Vietnam from municipal water sources and filtered with ISO-certified advanced reverse osmosis and UV light, which reduces the impact on the natural water table in one of the fastest sinking areas in the world.

beWater also travels a shorter distance than other premium imported water, further reducing our carbon footprint.

And with our life cycle view we provide support to ensure every beWater product can be recycled and back on shelf within as little as 60 days.

Custom-Branded Options To Tell Your Sustainability Story

We offer custom-branding options so you can tell your brand's sustainability story in a powerful and compelling way.

Email us to discuss developing your own custom-branded beWater cans.

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