For a plastic-free future.

Water may not have a shape, but what it is packaged in does.

Plastic bottles have become part of our daily lives and one million are consumed every minute with 91% of them ending up in the oceans or landfills.

Our mission is to eliminate single-use plastic bottles by making water better.

beWater™ is an eco-friendly, socially sustainable, and convenient alternative to plastic-bottled water that is available today - not something that has to be developed, built, or requires an investment to implement.

Change can happen now.

  • Sustainability Meets Convenience

    Consumers, especially hotel guests, demand convenience - we provide the easiest way for people to enjoy pure water in a sustainable way with lower lifetime costs than glass bottles or central filtration systems.

  • Regulatory Compliant

    beWater™ is the official water of the Vietnamese government and supports initiatives across SE Asia and globally to ban single-use plastic, including Vietnam, which will eliminate single-use plastic by 2025. The move to sustainable alternatives is not just the right thing to do, it is the law.

  • Ball Corporation & ESG Value Chain Partnerships

    Ball Corporation, the world’s largest aluminum packaging company, and leading environmental advocate, is our strategic partner in taking a truly circular approach to every beWater™ product along with value chain partners that align with our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

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  • Real Circularity & Life-Cycle Assessment

    We’re pioneers of real circularity in water and take a modern, comparative life-cycle assessment approach to give a more holistic view of our ESG impact, including our collection & recycling infrastructure we built with Ball Corporation with easy empty can pickup via our website.

  • Infinitely Recyclable & Lowest CO2 Emissions

    Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and the most collected and recycled FMCG packaging material with 71% of all cans recycled compared with 34% for glass and 40% for plastic (PET), in addition, to having the highest scrap value, requiring less energy, being light weight, and providing superior product flavor and freshness.

  • Custom-Branding

    We offer custom-branding so you can tell your brand’s sustainability story in an engaging and compelling way. We create custom beWater™ cans for global brands, including leading hotel groups, automotive companies, like Lexus, airlines, fashion groups, and national governments.

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