beWater™ Balance (24-Pack)

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With a perfect 7 pH, beWater™ Balance creates the purest, natural, and best tasting water possible in the world's most sustainable packaging.

beWater™ is SE Asia's leading eco-friendly packaged water, produced from renewable municipal water sources, and filtered with ISO-certified advanced reverse osmosis and UV light for a fresh and clean taste that's environmentally friendly, socially sustainable, and convenient to enjoy.

Using renewable municipal water reduces the impact on the natural water table in one of the fastest sinking areas in the world.

beWater™ Balance also travels a shorter distance than most other premium imported waters, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Our optimal circularity ethos ensures every beWater™ product can be collected, recycled, and back on shelf in as little as 60 days.

beWater™ Balance is an ideal eco-friendly option for upselling at premium hotels & resorts, outdoor events & festivals, restaurants, bars & clubs, pool service, and consumer retail.

Ultra-Premium Packaging: 330ml Sleek aluminum cans with matte finish (24-packs)

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