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The Plastic Problem

Plastic is not recyclable. It can be incinerated, generating harmful greenhouse gases, or 'downcycled', broken down into smaller and smaller pieces, eaten by fish, and eventually, by us.

Around 69% of aluminum is recycled globally, compared to 14% of 'downcycled' plastic, with over 12 million tons dumped in our oceans every year.

Aluminum also has the highest scrap value of any packaging material further driving collection and recycling. In South East Asia and, specifically our home country of Vietnam, aluminum recycling rates are estimated to exceed 90%.

The Real Circularity Movement

Real Circularity means taking a total life cycle view of the environmental impact of beWater products and working closely with our industry, government, and NGO partners, like Ball Corporation, and wholesale customers, like Vietnam's Ministry Of Natural Resources & Environment to ensure the lowest impact possible.

Only By Working Together Can We Achieve Real Circularity:

  • Designing fully circular products
  • Working to dramatically improve recycling rates
  • Supporting extended producer responsibility policies and / or deposit return systems
  • Innovating collection systems that are both convenient for consumers and low cost to operate
  • Investing in green infrastructure to increase recycling beyond just collection
  • Educating consumers on what it means to be truly circular
  • Transparently and accurately measuring the impact of our products.

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At its purest, real circularity involves the continuous recovery and reuse of materials, with nothing lost during the process. In order to achieve this full circle, packaging not only needs to be collected and easily sorted, but every part of each packaging should be easily separated out and fully recycled with no material loss, to become a product of same value. This is “real circularity,” where materials are kept in the loop at their highest economic value and function, rather than being subject to high losses and “downcycled” into products of lower value that can't be recycled at the end of their lives.

The Benefits Of Aluminum Cans

  • Cans are 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality, making them the most environmentally-friendly and lowest carbon footprint packaging format.
  • Cans are the #1 most recycled packaging in the world with a 69% global recycling rate and over 90% recycling rate in Vietnam.
  • 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today, helping offset the impact of creating virgin aluminum.
  • Cans have the highest scrap value of any packaging material, subsidizing their collection and recycling.
  • Cans are easy to sort and recycle using and existing, well-established network with empty can pickup scheduling from the beWater™ website.
  • Cans can be recycled and back on shelf in 60 days.
  • Cans are stackable and have a high cubic efficiency, making them cost-effective and environmentally-friendly to transport.
  • Cans are lightweight, unbreakable and provide superior product protection.
  • Cans chill faster, lowering energy needed to cool beverages.

A Nationwide Recycling Network

Recycling only works if the cans come back.

Taking a life cycle view of our products and working closely with Ball Corporation, our wholesale customers, and local aluminium scrap collectors, we have created an ecosystem that makes it easy for both end-consumers and wholesale customers to recycle not just beWater cans, but any aluminium cans.


We work with wholesale customers to educate and involve guests in the recycling experience, for example, by providing dual trash bins in hotel rooms for easy scrap separation.


We've developed a network of aluminium scrap collectors from large companies to 'mom & pop' and individuals to pickup empty cans. This ensures an easy process for wholesale customers and supports existing local scrap collection businesses, many of whom rely on the revenue they get from the high scrap value of aluminium.


We built an online system to manage our collection network partners and provide an easy way for wholesale customers to book an empty can pickup from our website.

Partnering With The World's Largest Can Manufacturer

Already pioneers in bringing craft beer to the Vietnamese market in aluminum cans, we worked with our strategic partner Ball Corporation to develop and launch beWater™ Pure in less than six months at the world-famous Epizode Music Festival on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam.

“With aluminum packaging we take a life cycle view. As a monomaterial it can be easily sorted and reused an infinite number of times without losing quality. Aluminum retains its value throughout the recycling process and can be kept in circulation indefinitely without becoming waste and ending up in the ocean or landfills.”

-Bjoern Kulmann, Sustainability Director at Ball Corporation

beWater™ Is The Official Of Water Vietnam's Ministry Of Natural Resources & Environment

We're extremely proud to be the official water the Vietnamese National Government through the Ministry Of Natural Resources And Environment and the country regulates the elimination of all single-use plastics by 2025.

Join us as we work together for a plastic-free future.

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