beWater™ Pure Still & Sparkling are now distributed together in Vietnam by Unlimited Beverage. Enjoy lower rates and free shipping to most areas. Contact us to find out more!

Available Q3 2022

beWater™ Pure Sparkling is water produced in Vietnam from municipal water sources, filtered with ISO-certified advanced reverse osmosis and UV light with added carbonation for clean, fizzy, and refreshing taste that’s eco-friendly, socially sustainable, and convenient to enjoy.

Using municipal water reduces the impact on the natural water table in one of the fastest sinking areas in the world.

beWater™ Pure Sparkling also travels a shorter distance than other premium imported waters, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Our real circularity ethos ensures every beWater™ product can be recycled and back on shelf within as little as 60 days.

beWater™ Pure Sparkling is an ideal eco-friendly option for premium hotels & resorts, outdoor festivals, restaurant table service, bars & nightclubs, and consumer retail.

24-Pack, 330ml Ball Corporation Sleek cans with premium matte finish

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