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Real Circularity From Cradle-To-Cradle

Real circularity is an approach forward-looking companies and people take to design in which raw materials, components, and finished products lose as little of their value as they are used and, eventually, recycled and reused.

From aluminum cans, to airplanes, to health, and housing, industry is relooking at how to close the loop and ensure products and services minimize impacts to the environment, maximize social value, and are measured and stewarded in a holistic way through governance.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a fast increasing requirement from retail consumers, hotel guests, employees, investors, governments, and stakeholders of every level.

Groups like the International Sustainability Standards Board and Real Circularly Coalition help provide frameworks and playbooks for organizations to move from outdated linear thinking to circular thinking.

At beWater™ we align our real circularity goals with our strategic partner, Crown, to ensure every product we develop is a circular as possible, often in challenging situations - nothing is every perfect, but we're making important strides, like establishing nationwide collection and recycling infrastructures with free and easy booking online to ensure all of our products can be recycled and reused.

Real circularity means taking a total life cycle view of products and working closely with industry, government, NGO partners, B2B and B2C customer partners, and even competitors to become force amplifiers to advance the circular economy.

Independently accredited partners, like Ball Corporation, Sherwin-Williams, Vietnam's Ministry Of Natural Resources & Environment (MONRE), the Vietnam Eco-Friendly Products Manufacturer Association (EPMA) are taking the lead in implementing meaning policies and procedures that are already yielding real results.

Partnerships Create The Perfect Circle

Only by through collaboration can we achieve real circularity:

  • Designing fully circular products
  • Working to dramatically improve recycling rates
  • Supporting extended producer responsibility policies and collection / return systems
  • Innovating collection systems that are both convenient for consumers and low cost to operate
  • Investing in green infrastructure to increase recycling beyond just collection
  • Educating consumers on what it means to be truly circular
  • Transparently and accurately measuring the impact of our products

Together with our key customers, including Accor Planet 21, InterContinental Hotel Group Green Engage™, Hyatt World Of Care, and Rosewood Hotel's Verdes® Responsibilities, plus community outreach and engagement, all certified with independent groups, like Eunomia, we're seeing meaningful change happening now on our way towards a plastic-free future.

Lexus Custom Branded beWater Can Vietnam Airlines Custom Branded beWater Can Phenomenal Custom Branded beWater Can InterContinental Custom Branded beWater Can MONRE Custom Branded beWater Can

Custom Branding Solutions

Tell Your Story, Sustainably

We can help your company take that important next step in sustainability with one of the most fundamental elements, water. Our expert team will help you design and guide you through creating a custom-branded beWater™ can, which is perfect for any business from resorts & hotels, airlines, car companies, and any other company that's committed to eliminating single-use plastics.

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