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SE Asia’s Leading Eco-Friendly beWater™ Joins With World Water Day To Highlight The Risks Of Using Groundwater And Offering Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable water security is becoming a critical issue globally as consumption of freshwater continues to exceed natural sources.

This Year's World Water Day's theme is 'Groundwater - Making the Invisible Visible', which is increasingly relevant as the United Nations predicts a global shortage in freshwater by 2030 with 30% of the planet's available freshwater stored in underground aquifers that underlie every continent.

Two thirds of earth's underground freshwater is tapped for agriculture with the remaining used for over two billion people that rely on this now threatened resource for their daily survival.

We have reached a tipping point where every drop counts and as large water companies continue to siphon precious freshwater from ground supplies the water table sinks at increasingly faster rates with the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, Beijing, China, and Jakarta, Indonesia being the most effected.

Working to create a real circularity economy with products designed from the ground(water) up, beWater™ uses municipal supplies, the majority of which come from above ground reservoirs and purely processed existing supply instead of further degrading the critical infrastructure that supports our increasingly growing urban populations.

We believe in responsible value chain management, in which everyone has accountability for ensuring clean, safe, and structurally sound habitats of the future.

At beWater™ we strive to be part of this solution, which still needs work, but together with public-private-partnerships, including our strategic partner, Ball Corporation, we know are achievable.

Change starts now. It starts with us. It starts with you. And it starts with everyone that inhabits this planet.

Time to make it happen.
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