To 'be' is to exist.

It is the essence of all of us.

A powerful purpose, a call to action, a mandate to ensure we not only exist today, but for the tomorrows to come.

This is our fundamental responsibility to each other, the planet, and everything connected to it.

To 'be' is as elemental to our existence as water is to life.

beWater™'s mission is to enable all people to exist and 'be' whoever and whatever they want to in the most sustainable way possible.

beWater™ Pure

Still & Sparkling

Available in super chic Sleek cans with an ultra premium matte finish that heroes our iconic water drop, the 330ml perfect serve is preferred by everyone from five star hotel guests to the finest foodies, fitness fanatics, and people looking for healthy hydration everywhere.

Our Still and Sparkling waters have a fresh and crisp mouthfeel, which have won every taste test against the world's oldest and most established brands and local alternatives across plastic, glass, tap, and even other canned waters.

And beWater™ never has and never will contain plastic in our products. For us, sustainability isn't lip service.

Sustainability Meets Convenience

Consumers, especially hotel guests, demand convenience. Our aluminum cans provide the easiest way for people to enjoy pure water in a sustainable way with lower lifetime costs than glass bottles or central filtration systems.

Enabling The Circular Economy

We’re pioneers of optimal circularity which promotes a scientific and independently verified life-cycle assessment approach to product development. beWater™ in aluminum cans combined with easy, efficient collection & recycling via our website has achieved a high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact.

Infinitely Recyclable & Lowest CO2 Emissions

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and the most collected and recycled FMCG packaging material with 71% of all cans recycled compared with 34% for glass and 40% for plastic (PET). In addition, it has the highest scrap value, requiring less energy, being lightweight, and providing superior product flavor and freshness.

Crown & ESG Value Chain Partnerships

Crown, one of the world’s largest aluminum packaging companies, and leading environmental advocate, is our strategic partner in taking a truly circular approach to every beWater™ product along with value chain partners that align with our ESG goals.

Regulatory Compliant

This move to sustainable alternatives is not just the right thing to do, countries around the world are increasingly moving to ban single-use plastic. For example, Vietnam, where beWater™ is the official water of the government, will eliminate single-use plastic by 2025.


We offer custom-branding so you can tell your brand’s sustainability story in an engaging and compelling way. We create custom beWater™ cans for global brands, including leading hotel groups, automotive companies, airlines, fashion groups, and national governments.

More Than Products beWater™ Is About Partnership

We take an Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP) approach and have partnered with world-class companies to ensure every part of our value chain shares our sustainability ethos and is verified and licensed by the relevant international agencies to ensure full compliance with our ESG, GRI, and IFRS requirements.

We're proud to be strategic partners with Crown, who exclusively supply every beWater™ can, and are global leaders in sustainability advocacy.

Crown's 2022 Sustainability Report

Progress In Motion

"Sustainability is not just about what we do—it is also about how we do it. We strive to reduce our impact across all our operations, supporting the drive for cleaner air, cleaner water and less waste. Our global workforce helps us make progress every day through their innovative thinking and by sharing knowledge across our network so we can collectively accelerate our sustainability performance."

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