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SE Asia’s Leading Eco-Friendly beWater™ Joins Vietnam’s Environmentally Friendly Product Manufacturers Association (EPMA) To Bolster Global Sustainability Efforts

At the core of sustainability, beWater™ and our value chain partners believe collaboration is key.

As SE Asia's leading eco-friendly canned water brand, we believe Public-Private-Partnerships are essential to engaging and exciting the diverse spectrum of stakeholders needed to eliminate single-use plastic bottles and, eventually, create the framework of a truly global circular economy.

Today we are proud to become a founding member of the Vietnam Environmentally Friendly Product Manufacturers Association (EPMA).

EPMA promotes the development of scientific research, sustainable production, commercialization of eco-friendly products and technologies, and, most importantly, foster a cross-functional dialogue of ideas from the nation's leading academic institutions, scientists, and technology companies as we join hands to protect the environment for the country's sustainable development.

Elimination of single-use plastics is critical and has been identified by Mr. Pham Anh Duong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of An Phat Holdings Corporation and Head Of The Campaign Committee To Establish EPMA as a top priority.

At the first Annual Congress on 9 January, 2022, Mr. Pham Anh Duong positioned EPMA as, “Marking a new development step of the industry. The Association is a common house in which members unite and work closely to affirm the position of entrepreneurs and businesses with great enthusiasm in environmental protection, step by step reaching out to the world with high quality environmentally friendly products made by Vietnamese people”.

“Together with beWater™, Ball Corporation wants to promote can recycling and has installed on-site can collection stations at all beWater™ locations,” adds Wannaros Tantranont, Regional Sustainability Director at Ball Corporation.

beWater™ was born in Vietnam, is made here, supports local social and environmental initiatives, and is proud to stand with EPMA, MONRE, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and, just as importantly, our strategic partner, Ball Corporation, who is global leader in sustainability advocacy and are an integral part of our value chain in both local producing, collecting, and recycling a homegrown, Vietnamese brand - and then bringing this to the world.

beWater™ Founder and CEO, Mark Nerney, says, "We are all part of a global village and depend on mutual collaboration to achieve mutual success. Together with our colleagues at EPMA, including Mr. Vu Minh Ly, Secretary General of EPMA, it is our responsibility to approach sustainability and ESG as a trifecta of being good, doing good, and looking good to maximize buy in from all people, amplify our message, and ultimately create lasting positive change. EPMA is part of our country's growing leadership in the global sustainability movement."

Vietnam is roaring back as one of the world's fastest growing economies and beWater™ is honored to be included in sharing our innovations with ASEAN and beyond.


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